Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Google Adwords or Pay per Click (PPC) management is the most effective methods to promote a customer's website and in turn get the website quickly on the top of the search results thereby generating website traffic as compared to the conventional type of organic promotions.

Since PPC is all about working on with a budget, we take a control on the budget effectively so that you can expect a healthy return on your investment, since you are paying for a single click in PPC method.

Technical Team
Digital Prosoft is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company in Hyderabad; which is known for its enthusiastic professionals, Google Adwords certified team and has extensive industrial experience toward the PPC management for various esteemed clients across the globe.

We take our pride in possessing an expert team, who has proven experience in handling multiple PPC accounts of customers. The team is involved in the keyword research and analysis and who has got the capability of handling multiple Google Adwords accounts of our customers.

Analytical Wing
The analytical wing of Prosoft is a pro-active team, which performs a pre-analysis of the customer towards their PPC initiative. Each customer is handled with complete exclusivity and applying the PPC protocols on par with the customer's expected objectives.

Accordingly takes the initiative towards the designing of landing page design with the creative team.

Moving further, we sit with the customer for the content information which ideally gets its fitment on the landing page, thereby ensuring that the content information is meticulously reached to the potential audience further taking the customer on the path of profitable conversions.

Modus Operandi:

Digital Prosoft's approach in taking up the PPC Management for a customer follows the following protocols very strictly:

  • Google Adwords Team involves a quite lot into the keyword research, so the entire team is involved in determining the keyword density pertaining to the target customers.
  • Once the PPC analysis is done, our next step is to know about kind of USP the customer is projecting upon.
  • Campaigns Creation, Ad Groups Creation
  • Quality Score Management
  • CPC, CTR, Clicks & Conversion Management
  • ROI (Return On Investment) Analysis

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