In the past few years, there has been a transitional shift from a cumbersome coding which was typically used to develop a website to have a user-friendly system of designing & developing a website. WordPress has emerged as a successful platform with more developmental changes in its framework to develop WordPress based websites.

This is basically a software program which allows the users to create and navigate the websites with ease. It has become a challenge in the digital world to create a website which could give you the compatibility of integrating with enhanced development features. Towards this, WordPress is a application which gives you the robust features as compared to its peers such as Magento, Joomla and PHP.


WordPress’s architecture is comprised of PHP and MySQL as a database tool, which makes it possible for it to have blogging functionality as well as to accommodate the features of Content Management System (CMS) on PHP within it and these features in WordPress have made it the versatile masterpiece to design any kind of dynamic websites.

WordPress and its Plug-ins

Anecdote: The development and its subsequent implementation to design a website require an in-depth understanding of the architectural framework.

The WordPress themes are readymade themes and can be used as it is or else it can be given certain custom changes suiting to the specific mandates of the customer. Further, we can incorporate programming component of PHP and MySQL to enhance the dynamic nature in the selected WordPress readymade themes.

Time Consumption

As a matter of fact, working on WordPress and its subsequent template themes saves plenty of man-hours in respect to its design, development and the implementation of the web development process. Unlike the PHP application, where it takes plenty of time and efforts towards its design, development and then enable the search engine capabilities.


The open-source CMS application makes it very easy for you to edit or modify the content, add images or make changes in other features of the website. In fact, you do not even need to be trained in HTML to make the changes in your WordPress website.

  Team Prosoft

Digital Prosoft is a WordPress Development Company in Hyderabad, our development team is very well-versed with PHP programming and the scripting languages further enabling the WordPress websites to get the user-friendly nature in WordPress very easily.

We help you to create a WordPress Site which would very suit the specific mandates of the customer with reference to his products/service, so apart from the website, the customer can enjoy the robust feature of the blog function.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress has a built in feature for Search Engine Optimization capability, in addition to adding up the suitable plug-ins for the website development, thereby helping to secure good rankings in all the Search Engines.

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