Optimizing the website towards the mobile compatibility has scaled up high with reference to the product reach to the consumers

Optimizing the website towards the mobile compatibility has scaled up high with reference to the product reach to the consumers

It has become an ardent fact that for many business entrepreneurs, the search engines have transitioned itself as one of the dominant tool to spell out the success stories towards the growth of the success of the business entrepreneurs as far as the advertising and selling of their products and services are concerned.

In this endeavor, Google has been one of the most regarded search engine in the market today which drives in the majority of the web traffic to the websites.

Many entrepreneurs are striving hard to secure a decent rank in the Google Search Engine, as they believe that more the ranks in the Google more are the chances for their business website to get traffic to get converted into prospective customers.

Anecdote: As per the recent statistics, it has been found that 80% of the potential user’s click on the first page of Google which are also called as the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and an estimated 70% of the users prefer to click on the top 3-4 search results, in order to look for their preferred product and services search.

Mobile Marketing Trends

The product marketing has underwent a sea-change with reference to their scalability, now the potential users are accessing their mobile devices to navigate across the internet to find out the recent updates with reference to any products and services.

Many business entrepreneurs are now gradually shifting their attention to the growing needs of the customers who are using mobiles to access the internet thereby enabling their websites to become the mobile friendly websites

The recent updates from the Search Engine-Google

With the growing upsurge in the market, Google has been emphasizing more importance on the mobile version in the websites.

Anecdote: As per the recent Google updates, it has been found that at least 80% of the users are trying to navigate across the Google Search Engine through their mobile devices. This has turned up as a tremendous opportunity for the digital marketers to focus more on the responsive websites designs and reaching to the mass audience through their search engine promotions, which taps more customers who are accessing the internet through mobile devices.

Mobilegeddon Google’s recent algorithm

Mobilegeddon is the recent algorithm which has been unveiled by Google, the algorithm talks about the changes in the website design making it compatible with the plethora of mobile devices in the market.

Team Digital Prosoft

Digital Prosoft has always been on a forefront and have adopted themselves towards the ever evolving Search Engines such as Google.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization is the process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an ultimate experience towards browsing the internet through the mobile devices. Optimizing the website for mobile has always allowed the finer customizations in a site to have a best user experience of a website across the mobile devices.

Digital Prosoft as a Mobile Optimization Company

Digital Prosoft is Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad which has always laid emphasis n the mobile optimization in a typical website. Towards this, we have been regarded as one of the Best Mobile Optimization Company in Hyderabad.

The developmental changes that we constantly incorporate which defines our range of websites to be the mobile friendly websites:

Responsiveness: Responsive websites has always been to accommodate itself in a plethora of mobile devices which would be operated by multiple platforms. It houses itself without any possible distortions in regards to the HTML and the overall URL Structure.

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