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Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Digitalprosoft offers distinguished QA services and solutions with comprehensive and reliable testing processes for its customers while adhering to the highest quality of testing standards. Digitalprosoft has 900+ quality assurance testing experts with varied skills in White box, Web Services, Functional, Automation, and Performance testing using a variety of test tools. With a blend of effective processes, team expertise, active management and focused involvement of executive management, digiversetech provides a reduced time to market and cost effective QA services for all requirements. Digitalprosoft leverages its subject matter expertise in Capital Markets, Insurance, Mortgage Banking, and Internet Media & Technology to ensure quality delivery and provide significant Return on Investments right from the project initiation phase. Digitalprosoft client centric QA Strategy ensures optimization through reduced testing overheads, augmented efficiency, improved testing processes and enhanced Test Quality. The expert QA – CoE team at Digitalprosoft ensures that all test services are delivered in a controlled environment. They leverage the latest quality assurance testing technologies; build upon an approach through tool analysis and proof of concept, imbibe best industry practices and hence provide solutions of the highest standards to the customers.

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Manual Testing: Functional, GUI, Regression, Usability Testing, E2E, Database, ETL & Compatibility Testing

Test Automation: In-house CoE developed Accelerators & Frameworks, Centralized Execution and Live Monitoring & Reporting tools

Performance Testing: Performance Design, Prediction, Testing, Monitoring & Diagnosis, Load, Failover, Soak, Stress, Performance, Network & Volume

Mobile Testing: Support for IOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry & Win Phone 7, Specialization in Native, Web & Hybrid Apps Testing on Remote environment

Specialized Testing: Domain focused testing, Risk-based, Behavior, Model-based & Cloud Testing, Network & Security Testing

Key Technologies: Quality Center, XStudio, TFS, JIRA, BugZilla, Mantis, Remedy, QTP, Silk, Selenium, CodedUI (VSTS), LISA, LoadRunner, RPT, JMeter, OpenSTA, ExperiTest, FoneMonkey, QTP M-Eux, Custom Harness, Cloud – SOASTA


With rapidly changing business environments, organizations strive to ensure optimal software quality under intense time to market pressures. Automated test execution can be a valuable enabler.

Automated Testing – QA Automation

digiversetech’s expert QA Test Automation team strives to completely understand the customer requirements and plans for test Automation in a way that reduces cycle time and the customer reaps the benefits of automation right at the project initiation stage. A close watch on the industry trends in test automation highlights the fact that the market has rightly moved to create products and tools that implement the features of business processes and reuse. This not only reduces dependency on the extremely acute resource pool of QA automation testing experts, but also ensures that the test coverage is maximized. To enhance the entire automated testing process, the QA Test Automation experts at digiversetech perform various proofs of concepts and study multiple tools to choose the best fit and provide cost effective solutions to the customers. Post delivery of the project, we also ensure smooth operations of services for further changes or enhancements.

digiversetech’s QA Automation Approach:

digiversetech’s QA-CoE has created its own IP with the development of various Test Automation Accelerators to ease the structure of test automation and tune it as per customers’ requirements. STEP is a family of automation frameworks, which is built on top of tools such as QTP, Silk, TestComplete and Selenium. These automation frameworks enable the subject matter experts to be an integral part of the test automation process in almost the same way as a technical automation expert.


⇛ Flexibility to execute the test suite on cross browsers and multiple environments
⇛ Excellent return on investments from the project initiation stage
⇛ Wide purview of coverage
⇛ Cost effective quality deliverables
⇛ Post delivery responsibilities


Custom Scripts (Java, .NET), QTP, Selenium, SilkTest, JUnit, NUnit, RFT, TestComplete, HTTPUnit, Watir, TestPartner, Telerik Test Studio, Egg Plant, Fitnesse, Silk4Net, CodedUI.


digiversetech offers a full range of performance testing services including load and stress testing. Be it a High Frequency trading system or a data intensive claims processing system, our highly trained professionals design and execute customized performance testing solutions for our clients.

Performance Testing – Load Testing – Stress Testing

Equipped with a comprehensive and realistic test plan, the performance testing team at digiversetech has expertise to comprehend the entire system behavior when exposed to real time stress conditions. While doing this, we analyze the failures and understand the catastrophic slowdowns or those that affect the productivity of the system. Not only do we identify the bottlenecks, we also advise the customers on possible solutions.

digiversetech’s Performance QA Approach

Performance Testing – Load Testing – Stress Testing

digiversetech’s performance QA experts’ team has devised effective strategies that benefit the customers.


⇛ Improved application stability
⇛ Increased average transaction/workload processing per day
⇛ Reduction in maintenance cost due to high availability
⇛ Increased productivity with proven application/infrastructure scalability
⇛ Increased Return on Investment (ROI), as bottlenecks are cured before the application goes live


HP Load Runner/Performance Center, Borland Silk Performer, Apache JMeter, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Rational Performance Tester, OpenSTA, ITKO’s Lisa.


Unlike the PC based environment, the mobile environment consists of a plethora of devices with diverse hardware and software configurations and communication intricacies, adding to the testing needs of any organization that produces software for the mobile platform.

Mobile Testing – iPhone Testing – Android Testing

digiversetech’s mobile testing experts have the industry expertise and are on the leading edge of innovation in testing applications, irrespective of platform and device. digiversetech’s niche mobile testing QA experts have excelled in the arena of testing mobile applications supporting all leading devices and operating systems. They are an efficient and committed team with specialized skill sets and with a dedicated test lab to perform various types of testing on real devices as well as on emulators.

Mobile Testing at digiversetech:


⇛ Innovative and creative problem solving approach
⇛ Proven partnership model – resizable team, flexible payment schemes and contract terms
⇛ Excellent cost control, maintaining higher quality while dealing with increased complexities and providing the customer with the right platform to be competitive
⇛ Device specific test strategy
⇛ Carrier specific testing

Emulators/Automation Tools:

TestComplete, QTP with M-Eux add in, Robotium, Deviceanywhere, FoneMonkey (iPhone), TestiPhone (For iPhone Mobile Web), Experitest, PerfectoMobile


digiversetech has expertise not only in the traditional testing contexts, but also in various specialized testing practices.

Domain Testing – Network Testing – Security Testing – Cloud Testing

Domain Focused Testing

digiversetech has maintained a sharp domain focus since its inception. This allows for our QA teams to focus on industry specific nuances as opposed to training a team on the fundamentals of the business. With our domain focused and customer centric approach, we reduce the time needed to comprehend business functionality. With over 10 years of expertise in the BFSI sector, our teams include experts in the various domains that we service. To further enhance the skills of our personnel, the QA-CoE works in tandem with our business verticals, to continually drive domain knowledge training sessions and workshops.

Our QA team is well versed with the following domains and provides a comprehensive range of QA services across the below verticals.

⇛ Capital Markets – Equities, Equities Derivatives, Fixed Income, Derivatives, FX, Credit
⇛ Institutional and Retail Banking – Mortgages
⇛ Insurance
⇛ Digital Media & Creative

digiversetech’s internal QA domain expertise – Benefits/Differentiators:

⇛ Build strong functionality driven end to end test scenarios
⇛ Reduced risk of incorrect requirements
⇛ Creating test scenarios covering undocumented or ambiguous requirements.
⇛ Prioritize test scenarios based on business needs
⇛ Evaluate the impact of unresolved defects
⇛ An effective training program to share domain specific knowledge and simultaneously increase availability of QA experts


Quality Assurance Consulting – Testing Consultancy

With its comprehensive range of testing services, digiversetech ensures that ample thought is given to structuring an approach featuring best strategies, processes and metrics. The QA experts act as advisors and consultants to design frameworks that facilitate alignment of testing services with the business objectives. We provide comprehensive quality services to customers by adopting best practices and standards that are in line with the Software Testing Life Cycle. Our QA team consists of experts with diverse technical and domain proficiencies.

digiversetech’s approach towards test consultancy:

Characteristics of the approach:

⇛ Understand and consolidate customer requirements
⇛ Evaluation of software (Application to Tool Compatibility and Risk Assessment) by our QA experts’ team
⇛ Provide standardized and client customized solution architecture
⇛ Improve client testing processes and optimize the testing efficiency
⇛ Adopt proper communication techniques throughout the project
⇛ By providing our testing services, we mitigate the testing challenges/risks and improve the overall test quality and the efficiency of the product
⇛ To continuously improve the test services, training programs and certifications are conducted periodically


For QA Processes & QA Governance, digiversetech follows the in-house maturity practice – Structured Project Execution & Engineering Discipline (SPEED) to ensure assimilation of best practices across the organization for all phases of SDLC.

QA Processes – QA Governance

The Engineering guidelines are created for all QA areas, to bring in uniformity and to streamline the QA activities across projects. Manual process guidelines, Automation & Performance scripting guidelines, Planning & Execution guidelines are all incorporated to optimize the efficiency of QA deliverables.

Process compliance and continuous improvement is achieved through internal audits and periodic reviews.

digiversetech systematically mitigates the risk by following a business continuity plan to ensure that the deliverables are not affected. digiversetech’s QA governance team, consisting of members from development, quality assurance infrastructure and production support, are responsible for managing release sign off at desired levels, and gating of releases to the next environment. They also formalize the QA standards, templates and metrics.

Quality Management System

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