IT Strategy and Architecture

IT Strategy and Architecture

Speed and perspective are not a luxury, but a requirement. We engineer products and services which are designed to meet the complexities and needs of a constantly evolving market environment. Our approach integrates IT-powered intelligence with enterprise solutions to produce quality, accuracy, and enhanced customization.

We are agents of positive change. Our solutions are built by experts who deliver intelligence, expanded capabilities and performance driven roadmaps for forward moving organizations.

  •  IT strategy and governance
  •  Security consulting
  •  Enterprise Architecture
  •  Enterprise Application Integration
IT strategy and governance

Realizing that a sound IT Strategy & Governance policy significantly increases an organization’s credibility and service value in today’s marketplace while reducing overall costs, DigitalProsoft extends its IT Strategy Consulting services to clients who aim at transforming their IT landscape to a more agile model.

Adopting a detailed, analytical approach to address and understand each client’s business requirements and problems, we minimize the risk component attached to any enterprise level IT investment, thereby increasing the net ROI. Operating as a blended service with our Enterprise Architecture Consulting offerings, we propose a number or strategy roadmaps for implementing the proposed IT project. In addition to enterprise-wide IT implementations, we also provide high-end consulting services for specific application and system implementation projects, implementing various governance frameworks, and maturity models required in today’s security and standard sensitive IT environment.

Security consulting

With unparalleled expertise and resource depth, DigitalProsoft’s IT Security Consulting practice enables organizations to address the growing need to understand and manage their information security issues at a higher level.

Providing the right information to the right personnel in a secure environment is of utmost importance for the success of any organization. DigitalProsoft’s in-depth security consulting services encompass a wide array of solutions, from secure IT networking frameworks, information risk assessment solutions, and BCP/DR solutions to end-point security solutions and policies that protect our clients’ IP.

In line with our high-end consulting services, we also provide multi-level security support services via our Remote Infrastructure Management model.

Enterprise Architecture

In today’s highly dynamic and volatile business environment, CIOs are facing an uphill task in ensuring that predefined organizational goals such as streamlining processes, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency are addressed in the most effective manner.

DigitalProsoft’s Enterprise Architecture consulting services enable organizations to redesign & realign their existing legacy architecture to accomplish their business strategies by identifying critical business drivers and translating them into technology blueprints. A well defined and planned Enterprise Architecture solution not only brings about greater efficiencies in the day-to-day processing but also enables organizations to monitor the entire technology landscape in real-time. This allows them to pinpoint any gaps that might arise in the business strategies and the technologies required to execute them, and then taking the necessary remedial action to bridge these gaps and minimize chances of any system outages. Moreover, a robust enterprise architecture provides the scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing market and business scenarios and support new business processes.

Enterprise Application Integration

DigitalProsoft’s Enterprise Application Integration services focus on solutions that deliver total business integration. We offer technology skills and enterprise application expertise to help our customers extend, enhance, and leverage new and existing IT investments. We excel at delivering not only cost advantages, but we also provide our customers with solutions and technology infrastructure that have lasting strategic value today, and in the future.

We have considerable domain experience and expertise at web enabling and integrating applications and enterprise data sources so that they can easily share business processes and data. What’s more, we use our depth of experience to ensure that diverse applications and data sources across platforms are seamlessly integrated without requiring significant changes to these existing applications and the data. We also offer niche expertise at integration and web enabling of “island legacy systems” that run on different hardware platforms without well-defined protocols for communicating with software applications and products outside their realms.

Our range of Enterprise Application Integration services include:

  • System integration (ERP, Mid-range, Mainframe)
  • Siebel Implementation
  • Customization & Functional Consultancy
  • Services Integration

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